Chana Writes

Israel freelance writer.

Writing Services

Blogging – A great blog is one of the keys to modern-day SEO. Blogs make you easier to find, and gain you a higher place on Google.

But it’s more than that. When you blog, you create a relationship with your readers. That relationship, in the long run, gains you customers. Clients don’t buy from businesses. They buy from people they trust.

If you’re looking to create regular content that will help search engines find you, and help potential customers feel like they’ve got a connection to you, I can help.

Editing and Rewriting – Have written content, but it needs a lot of work? I get that. And unfortunately, it happens a lot. You bought content at a cheap price . . . and got what you paid for.

Or maybe you wrote the content yourself, and aren’t happy with the result.

It doesn’t matter if it’s too wordy, or just needs a bit of sparkle. Just say the word, and I’ll help you out.

Ghostwriting – One of my specialties is ghostwriting. That means I write in your voice, and you do what you enjoy doing. You get the writing you want, in your name. No hassle, no questions. And I’ll never share it without your explicit permission.

Web content writing – Creating or revamping your site? You need three professionals: A site designer, a graphic designer, and me. Or, in short, you just need me. Why?

I work closely with a site designer and graphic designer. Together, the three of us create a seamless experience for our clients. You’re guaranteed a complete site, of the best quality.

Are you looking for colorful product descriptions? A landing page? Or an entire site?

I can help. Tell me what you need.

Email marketing – Research shows that an email list is one of the most important marketing tools a business can have. You need an email list. And you need well-written, smart-marketing emails. Let me help.

Facebook pages: management and translation (Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew) – Have a Facebook page, but don’t update it regularly?

I do Facebook management. And I translate Facebook updates for businesses who want to break into a new market.

B2B writing – B2B companies have different needs than B2C companies. Often, they’re more niche. B2B companies are willing to pay a lot for security and good quality. And I respect that.

I write case studies, white papers, and press releases for companies that care about quality and integrity. And I’ll never share my work unless you give me explicit permission.

Site editing and evaluation – You hired a content writer (not me) to write your site, either in Hebrew or English. But you’re not happy with it. The content sucks, the grammar is bad, and it’s just . . . not professional. But you’ve just doled out hundreds of dollars on trash. You can’t afford to redo it entirely.

My newest service is one I’ve thought about for several months.

I offer a complete site evaluation plus tweaks. And if your site is really bad, you’ll get a redo. You pay EITHER for the evaluation and tweaks, OR for the rewrite (but not both). Sound good?

Need something different? These are my main services, but I’m open to other types of projects, as well. If you’re interested in a service that’s not listed here, just send me an email. and we’ll talk.