Chana Writes

Israel freelance writer.


We searched for a content writer for our site for several months before we were lucky enough to find Chana Roberts. Besides for her professionalism in deadlines, service, and honesty, we also discovered an amazing personality and a willingness to go above and beyond – something we didn’t find with so many of her competitors. We warmly recommend her!

-Yaakov H., manager of Simcha Hall at the Kotel and the Kotel Cam


Chana is one of my favorite writers. She does excellent research, writes well, and organizes the information in an easy to read matter.

She is highly reliable, communicates well, and knows how to follow instructions.

I would recommend Chana to anyone who needs a writer.

-Rachel Fink, owner of ParentingPod


A deep recognition of the brand, an understanding of its needs, and talent are the keys to good, professional work which promises amazing results. You have all of these. Thank you for being there, for your efforts, and for everything else.

– the staff at Booba Digital


We commissioned Chana to translate sections of our new website from English to Hebrew. We were very happy with her work. She worked according to the deadline we gave her, asking questions where relevant and trying to find the suitable nuances.

We were also pleased with the quality of the translation.

We would definitely commission her again.

– the staff at Aish Hatorah Tel Aviv


Chana is an excellent writer and editor. She has contributed to my blog and her posts are engaging, well written and extremely helpful. Chana is talented in what she does and always goes above and beyond. I found my experience working with her a pleasure and I would recommend her for any of your writing or editing needs.

– Elna Cain, founder of Innovative Ink