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An English-language site for an fantastic event hall opposite Jerusalem’s Western Wall.

A Hebrew-language website for a terrific handyman – who gives classes to the masses:



The best and safest trampoline brands of 2017

If you’re looking to buy the perfect trampoline, you’ve probably seen more than one “best trampolines” list. Some of those lists are nearly identical, and others contain trampolines which make you think, “Huh? What’s great about this, other than the price or color?” Sometimes you see a list which looks promising, but provides almost zero useful information. That’s why you’re reading this . . . [read more]


Britax Advocate ClickTight: Is this the safest car seat for your child?

The search for the perfect car seat can be frustrating. You don’t want to spend a fortune on something you can only keep for five or six years, but you can’t afford to scrimp on your child’s safety seat. So you search, research, and drive yourself crazy trying to find the best fit. You need a car seat which will fit in your car. You need a car seat which can be cleaned. Most of all, you need a car seat you can rely on to keep your baby or toddler safe . . . [read more]


Propel Trampolines: How good are they, really?

The best rundown on Propel trampolines on the net. You’re looking to buy a trampoline, and you’ve read mixed reviews about Propel. Maybe you’re nervous about that. Because before you put down any money, you want to know if it’s worth it. Are the trampolines bouncy? Are they safe? Are they too expensive? Read on to find out…


Springfree trampolines: Are they worth the money?

Springfree is one of the most popular trampoline brand around. It’s trampolines are without a doubt the safest ones around, and owners love how they are built with the highest-quality materials. But are they worth the higher-than-average price they cost?  Read on and find out.


Skywalker trampolines: Are they really safe?

Skywalker is one of the most popular trampoline brand around.  Owners rave about how safe and durable these trampolines are. But is it the right one for you?  And if so – which size and shape should you get? Read this guide to find out. 




Mr. & Mrs. SignHow I Made Peace with My Husband’s Non-Jewish Last Name

When I first met my husband, we liked each other almost immediately. We’re both very intense people, and after a few dates, we knew each other’s kishkes (guts) as if we’d grown up together. But there was one thing that really bothered me, and that I couldn’t rightly ask him to change—his last name. I grew up . . . [read more]


family-1437716-266x3005 Tips To Make Sure Parenting Doesn’t Ruin Your Relationship

Life used to be simple. You went to work, came home, and spent time with each other. You went to sleep when you wanted to, and slept through the night. Now that you have kids, it’s not so simple. Between waking up three times a night, staying up until your kids are asleep, and taking care of them every day . . . you hardly have time for yourselves, let alone each other.

And unfortunately, this lack of time is already . . . [read more]


100_1840The Perfect Marriage

There are people who spend inordinate numbers of hours and years of their lives dreaming about, and searching for, the perfect match. Unlike many people, however, I never thought my marriage would be perfect. In fact, I don’t know that it even occurred to me that a perfect marriage existed. I wanted . . .  [read more]



cheetos-800x534I Wasn’t Expecting This to Happen When I Became a Mom in Israel

Who decides what foods to give your baby, and when to give them? Chances are, probably you—the parents. Grandparents, friends, and strangers may have their own opinions and suggestions, but the final decision belongs to the parents. Or so I thought, at least. We’re not into junk food. I can’t say we’re vegans, vegetarians, or organic-food-only people. We’re not . . .[read more]


5 Ways To Get Your Kid To Clean Upget-kids-clean-up-300x199

You know the feeling:

You wake up at 9am on Sunday morning, and the house is upside-down. True, the kids let you sleep in. But you’re also paying a big price . . . in mess.

Now you need to make breakfast, get the kids out of their PJ’s, and get out to whatever social gathering has been scheduled. Maybe you need to drive a carpool, too. And when you . . . [read more]


WAHM-300x2006 Rules When You Work From Home (With a Baby on Your Lap)

Are you thinking of working from home?

But, maybe you’re not sure if it’s possible, how to do it, or how anyone manages to juggle taking care of a baby and working at the same time.

You’ve begun to understand why no one makes fun of daycare workers for spending all day watching babies. It’s a job, and a big one, even . . . [read more]


Alternative remedies:

Tea Tree Oil: A Well-Known SecretTea-Tree-Oil-e1398830379440

Acne. A stuffy nose. A bad cough. Sinusitis. What do all of these have in common? They’re all helped by tea tree oil.

Sometimes called eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil acts as a natural disinfectant, and helps pull unwanted liquids out of your system. Tea tree oil is one of my favorite natural remedies. It’s useful for a lot of things. And it’s also  . . . [read more]


6 Things to Consider Before Using Herbal Remedies6-Things-to-Consider-Before-Using-Herbal-Remedies

You’re coughing. Again. And you know deep down that when you go to the doctor, he’ll prescribe another bout of antibiotics, because your chronic bronchitis is back . . . again.

Chances are, you’ve been there before. And chances are, you wish there was an option other than more antibiotics. I know. I’ve been there. Why take antibiotics, if you can . . . [read more]



5 reasons to visit Jerusalem on Thursday and Friday

Thursday evening and Friday morning are the best times to find entertainment in Jerusalem. This is when you’ll find the city’s best nightlife and the best breakfasts the next morning. You’ll enjoy a true Jerusalem experience, and get a taste of . . .  [read more]


Online moneymaking:

OISMoney Online: A Guide To Separating Scams From Legit Opportunities

Make money online. Work only a few hours a week. Put in a small investment, and you’re guaranteed to start earning *more* than enough to support your family . . . with only a 2 hours of work a day.

Sound familiar?

At some point or other, we’ve all seen these sites — or ads — and drooled a bit, wondering . . . [read more]




How Can You Find Your Most Productive Hours as a Freelancer?

Being a freelancer isn’t easy. It’s true, you can set your own schedule, and that’s one of the greatest advantages of being a freelancer. But it’s also true that creating your own schedule and keeping it are some of the most challenging tasks around. You know . . . [read more]


Pitchfest: Do Newbies REALLY Have A Chance at Winning? And If So, How?

pitchfest-2015So, you’ve found Sophie’s blog. You’ve seen the Pitchfest posts – they’re really cool. They make you drool. Oooh, a $100 prize for contributing a post, on a blog like this?

It’s a once-in-a-season contest. Pitchfests – and guest posts – are only accepted once every three months.

You want to be the winner. You want that $100 prize, and you want to show . . . [read more]
baby-821625_1280-992x486Can Freelancers Take Maternity Leave?

You’ve been dreaming of this day since you were a kid. Your period is late, you’re exhausted, and you smell apple juice everywhere. You go out and buy a pregnancy test. Honestly, you bought the test just for fun. Your period is probably going to appear later today or tomorrow. But hey, you may as well waste some money, right?

Two pink lines appear. As it turns out . . . [read more]


bigstock-Hand-with-a-Note-and-a-Single-73109563-300x300How to Manage Freelance Writing With ADHD: 8 Tips for Success

As a kid, you couldn’t sit still. In school, you were labeled a lazy, hyperactive, underachiever. Growing up, it was always hard to sit through the requisite classes and force yourself to stick to the task at hand.

As an adult, you’re always putting your foot into your mouth. You get on the boss’ nerves. You’ve been fired . . . [read more]


ruin-website-992x486Do You Know How to Ruin Your Writer Website?

What makes the difference between a successful writer website, and one that’s just . . . blah? If you’ve been surfing the web for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that there are sites you like, and sites you don’t.

You may even have noticed that some writer sites look old-fashioned, and some look modern. Some look professional, and some look, well, NOT. Have you ever wondered . . . [read more]


woman-801872_1280-e1441299009282-300x300How to Write About Anything: 5 Steps for Researching a New Topic

You’ve just landed a job as a content writer . . . for an industry you have absolutely zero background in.

You’re a beginner, and this is a great job, your best so far: $100 for 800 words. You’ve gotta make it. There is no way you’re about to mess this up.

What now?

You’re going to write those articles, and . . . [read more]
Is Freelancing Bad for Your Social Life?freinds_article

One day, you decide to start freelancing. Maybe you lost your job, and maybe you quit your job. Maybe you can’t afford childcare or maybe you don’t want to use childcare. No matter what the reason, the fact is, you’re a freelancer now – and probably working from home. What does that mean for your social life?

For most of the working world . . . [read more]


Magazine column:

b94d1c71508a15689b05418b1e2dcb1aYaldah Magazine, 2006-2010, columnist

Print publication only.

View the magazine’s website here. (This link does not allow you to read my columns or any full edition of the magazine, past or present.)

(Note: These columns were published under my maiden name.)



day-night-1553122-640x480To Accomplish (poem)

I lay awake last night,
And thought about my day,
And then I wondered where I was, for what was I to say,
If someone asked me what I did . . .
[read more]

(Note: This poem was published under my maiden name.)


Time (poem)time-1425620-639x530

The year is flying quickly by
It waits for none at all
Made us of, or just left alone
Time passes by, unstoppable, unknown . . .
[read more]

(Note: This poem was published under my maiden name.)





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