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Israel freelance writer.

About Me

You want to earn more money. To do that, you need to attract more clients . . . and the way to accomplish that is through Google.

You’re smart enough to know that old-style SEO is dead. No more stuffing keywords into low-quality writing. It doesn’t work, and worse, sites that try keyword-stuffing get penalized.

You need good copy.

But you don’t know how to write . . . or you don’t have time to.

There are plenty of content writers out there. And they write plenty of sites, promising the best customer service, the best products, and the most experience.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Those writers are great. And they’re cheap, too. You should go to them.

But if you snort at those cookie-cutter sites,

if you recognize empty promises and impersonal content for what it is –

then we’ll work well together.

I only work with businesses who want the very best.


I believe that each person, each business, has a story to tell.

Your story is unique. Your business is different.

And you deserve better.


DSCN0215 - Copy - CopyWho am I?

I’m Chana Roberts: writer, editor, blogger, and educator.

I’m here to help you boost site views, save time, and offer your readers practical, interesting information.

I put your thoughts and ideas into writing. And I turn your thoughts into ideas that sell.

For nearly a decade, I’ve worked with publishers, educators, magazines, and websites to make their content marketable, interesting, and professional.

Let’s get in touch, so that your business can start soaring.


Some facts about myself:

As a kid, I always wanted to learn to play the violin. Somehow, it never happened.

In second grade, my substitute teacher wrote “histery,” [sic] on the board, and we had a power struggle over whether the word had an “e” (her), or an “o” (me).

When I was in high school, a friend predicted that I would marry someone blond, blue-eyed, and six feet tall. She was almost right, but not quite.